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Title: A Leap Through Time

Fandoms: Doctor Who / Quantum Leap

Rating: PG

Paring: Prior to ‘Rose’ / After ‘Mirror Image’

Spoilers: Sam’s alone, The Time War

Warnings: None

Previous chapters:  Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five , Part Six, Part Seven 

Author's note:  The final chapter in the 'A Leap Through Time'

Chapter Eight

The next morning, Sam was nursing a glass of soda water in the TARDIS galley with an ice pack on his head. The Doctor was busy cooking something that smelled both wonderful and appalling at the same time.

"You know," the Doctor said as he was busy scrambling the eggs, "it makes sense now."

"What does?"

"All those hiccups in the time stream that I pass through in the last half of the twentieth century," The Doctor poured the mix into a frying pan, "All this time I thought I was running over myself, but the whole time it was you."

Sam took the ice pack off his head and put it on the table, "I'm not sure I'm following you."

"Well, this old bird of a ship is tetchy even in the best of circumstances," he flipped two slices of ham in another skillet, "I had thought I was just dodging myself going back and forth so many times in the same area, but," he paused as he slipped the ham and eggs onto two plates, "But, what I never figured out was why I'd get thrown off course so many times, no matter how careful I was. What was happening, here you go," he set Sam's plate in front of him, "The TARDIS was ricocheting off of your quantum wake. I figured it out while you were asleep."

Sam was staring at his plate and didn't say anything.

"What's the matter? I thought Americans liked ham and eggs for breakfast?"

Sam looked up at him from under his brow, "These 'eggs'... are blue."

The Doctor frowned and looked at his own plate, "Ketterig eggs are supposed to be blue."

"Ketterig eggs?"

"Oh stop fussin and eat. They're not gonna kill you."

Sam poked at them with his fork. He sniffed at the bite before putting it in his mouth. The taste was a little off, but it wasn't unpleasant.


"See, it didn't kill you," the Doctor mused through a grin.

Sam rolled his eyes a bit, "Well, I wasn't expecting blue."

"Tha's surprisin, 'specially with your blueish way of gettin about," the Doctor was still grinning.

Finally looking up at him, Sam said, "Funny."




Breakfast over and done with, they were back in the control room. Sam was standing back and away from the console, while the Doctor was fiddling with something at the view screen.

"Right. Now let's see if that resonator does it's job," the Doctor said just before flipping a switch.

The central column started moving, and the grinding filled the room. Sam flinched and looked at his hands. When they didn't change color, he blew out a relieved breath.

Grinning triumphantly, the Doctor looked over at Sam, "See? Trust me."

Even with the modifications, a small bleeping started up. The Doctor frowned and looked at the view screen.

Sam walked tentatively over to the console to see what the Doctor was looking at, "What is it?"

The Doctor's hands went over the controls, and he started walking around the console making adjustments, "Sorry, we 'ave ta make a bit of a side trip. Just picked up someone coming into the system."

"What, another time traveler?"

"Not exactly. While alien to this system, they're not necessarily evil. But If it's who I think it is, he's not going to be 'appy."

Sam actually leaned on the console, "And that is?"

The Doctor glanced at Sam's hands on the console, grinning that it wasn't affecting either of them, "The Nestene Consciousness."

"And who are the Nestene?"

He frowned, "Their planet was one of the one's that was destroyed in the Time War. Beings made of plastic."


"Yeah, I know. More to fubble about with your degrees, innit?"

"Kind of."

"Their whole society can manipulate plastic in any way they see fit. Lovely planet, not that you could breathe with the atmosphere being nearly one hundred percent argon, and all."

"Riiight. So, other than their planet being blown up, what makes you think he'll be pissed off?"

The Doctor gave Sam a sidelong, incredulous look, "I think that would be enough, don't you think?"

"Would be for me, but why come to Earth? It's not like there's anything special here. We have to manufacture polymers. They don't grow naturally."

"Food most likely. Their system was a good source of carbon, petrol, and a slew of other things that you lot use as fuel, not to mention the byproducts."

Sam frowned now, "I didn't run back and forth fixing time just so that some alien could eat the whole thing."

The Doctor smiled and was amazed at how much alike they were, "That's my job. Want to get your feet wet fightin off aliens?"

"They're plastic?"


"I have an idea. You have a chem lab in this thing?"

"Yeah, but we need to land and get after him."

"Hold off on landing. This is a time ship, so we can enter the time frame at the point he lands right?"

The Doctor nodded, "Tha's true, we 'aven't entered the period yet, so tha's all right. What'd you 'ave in mind?"

"Put us in some sort of parking orbit. This is going to take about an hour. Where's your lab?"


Sam had the Doctor running around the lab, spouting off names of different chemicals. A blue mixture was bubbling in a beaker over a high tech version of a Bunsen burner. Only after he started to smell the concoction did the Doctor catch on to what Sam was doing.

He shook his head, "No. I cannae use that. Tha's murder."

Sam looked over the beaker to the Doctor, "Look, you said it was here to eat the planet more or less, right? I'm sorry, but you don't go around eating places that have people on it. It's rude, and I wont stand for it."

Sam picked up a glass tube and gingerly poured the liquid into it, "If you use it as blackmail, then you have a strong position. If you don't use it, it could turn your buttons against you and stab your hearts before you had a chance to talk about it."

The Doctor watched Sam stopper the tube, "You do 'ave a point."

Sam held out the vial for the Doctor to take, "Just keep it as a fall back position if anything."

The Doctor slowly reached over and took it. When he did, Sam's eyes bulged a little as a faint blue glow washed over him briefly.

Alarmed, the Doctor grabbed his arm, "Hey now, none o' that."

Sam took a few breaths, "It's OK, I know what this is," he smiled, "You're going to be fine, Doctor."

The Doctor's face fell, "You're leavin'? Now?"

"I don't really control this, but you don't need me anymore Doctor," he twisted his arm in the Doctor's grip, turning it into a handshake, "I know you're still mourning, but you're going to be fine. Just take care of the big problems. I'll handle the little ones."

"You be careful, Sam. You've got a lot ahead of you."

Sam was blue again. This looked to be the last time, as the intensity of it increased, "You too Doctor. I hope we run across each other again."

"We might."

Sam's voice faded as he disappeared, "Don't lose that vial!"

Crestfallen, the Doctor pocketed the vial and made his way to the control room. He had hoped that Sam would travel with him for a bit longer. It wasn't every day that you met someone who traveled as much as he did. Still, he had things to do.


He fiddled with the controls and tried to zero in on where the Nestene Consciousness landed. He saw the location and almost laughed.

"London... Fan-tas-tic."

End Credits

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