Spacial Infinity (spacialinfinity) wrote,
Spacial Infinity

Title: A Leap Through Time

Fandoms: Doctor Who / Quantum Leap

Rating: PG

Paring: Prior to ‘Rose’ / After ‘Mirror Image’

Spoilers: Sam’s alone, The Time War

Warnings: None

Previous chapters: Part One 

Author's note: These two time travelers were bound to run into each other.

 Part Two

A beat cop heard the screaming and came running, “What’s going on?”


Sam spoke without thinking, “His little brother was at Pearl.”


He put his billy club back in its holster, “Oh God, I’m sorry.”


The Doctor was sitting up now, rocking back and forth with his head in his hands. “Jus’ g‘way,” he muttered through his sobbing.


The officer was standing beside Sam. The concern and pity was heavily creased in his weather-beaten face. “Does he have anywhere to go?” he asked softly.


“I’ve got him, officer,” Sam said, just as quiet. “Thinking about taking him to a bar for a couple.”


The Doctor turned to face them, and screamed, “I SAID SOD OFF! BOTH OF YOU!” The anguish in his voice pulled at both of their hearts for different reasons.


They looked at each other and the cop made a suggestion, “Better make it three.” Sam nodded in agreement as the cop walked away, returning to his rounds muttering, “Damn Japs.”


Sam just stood there while the Doctor wept. The more heavy sobs died out into slight whimpering before he spoke again. “Oh fantastic. On top of everythin’ else, I have to get new shoes. Bugger all.”


When Sam looked at his feet, he saw what he was talking about. Whatever his old shoe size was, it was a lot smaller than what it had become. His toes had forced their way through the seams.


“We need to get you some new clothes too,” Sam said rather quietly.


The Doctor looked at his ruined jacket, then turned to face Sam. His eyes were red and swollen from crying, and his face was wet from all the tears. “Why are you still here?” he asked him with more than a little contempt in his voice.


Sam took a step forward and knelt beside him again, “Because you were horribly burned by radiation that has yet to be invented, and now you’re not.” He took the Doctor’s wrist and started to take his pulse, but he let go suddenly when he felt something that wasn’t quite normal.


The Doctor grinned out of one side of his mouth, “T’weren’t expectin’ that, were you?”


“I’m a bit more used to the unexpected than I’d like to admit,” he replied, still not totally believing everything that happened. “But, you’re not from around here are you?”




“Radiation burns in the forties tell me that you’re not from this time either,” the Doctor perked a little at that, “What I really want to know, is how you got here.” The look on Sam’s face told the Doctor volumes.


The Doctor was looking at Sam’s clothes, “And, if you know that, then yooou aren’t from this time either,” he slurred.




“I know you’re face, but I can’t place your name,” the Doctor stood up, coughed and felt a wave of nausea wash over him.


Sam saw him wobble and steadied him by the shoulder, “Easy. I don’t know what I just saw, but it had to take a lot out of you.” He placed his hand on his forehead, “And, I think you’ve got a touch of fever.”


“I’m all right Harry, It’ll go away in a minute.”


“It’s Sam, actually.”


“Sam? I don’t remember a Sam,” The Doctor blinked a bit more than was normal. He looked to be quite out of it. “Are you quite sure you’re not ‘Leftenant’ Sullivan?”


“Positive,” concern went through Sam like lightning. Whoever this Brit was, he was starting to get delirious. He noticed the changing accents, but filed that away in the back of his head for later. The most important thing to do now was to get this man to a hospital. The irregular pulse worried him most of all.


The Doctor looked at his crumbling sleeves, “Oh right. Clothes.” He took a few staggering steps and leaned against the TARDIS.


“We need to get you to a hospital first, and have you checked out.”


“Oh don’t be shilly. I’m perfectly all right.”


“No you’re not. Now listen to me. I’m a doctor.”


“You may be a doctor, but I’m The Doctor. The genuine article…” he trailed off, lost in thought. “I could’ve sworn I’ve had this conversation before.” He stepped into the TARDIS. “Damn.”


Sam started after him, “Come on, ‘doctor’ we need to get you…” he froze both mid-step and mid-sentence as he saw the inside.


The Doctor was standing before a burnt out console in the center of the immense room. “You’ve seen better days, old friend.”


Sam stood there mentally going over equations in his head. “The physics behind this are incredible.”


The Doctor waved his hand to the side, brushing away the comment, “Yes, yes. It’s bigger on the inside. You’ve seen this before Adric.”


Sam glanced outside and looked for anyone that might have seen them, then closed the door. “It’s Sam.”


“Right, right. Of course.”


“I wish I had one of these,” Sam muttered as he realized what this was.


The Doctor went to another door on the far side of the room. “Not to worry, Jamie, I can take you wherever and whenever,” his accent had changed again, “just not from here. Come along now. I can get changed on the way.”


Sam wasn’t about to let him out of his sight.

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